Porch Extension Kit

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Extend your Redneck Deluxe Stand’s porch an additional two feet with the Redneck Porch Extension. Particularly helpful with youth, disabled hunters and older hunters, the Redneck Porch Extension, once added to an existing Deluxe Stand Platform*, gives you an additional 2ft of platform space and creates an extended porch of 43″ x 48″ that allows for easy maneuverability in and out of your blind safely.

Pricing subject to change based on MSRP and our dealership incentives.



NOTE: This extension must be added on once the blind and stand has been properly installed. Installation takes around 1hr to complete.


  • Redneck Deluxe 5ft Stand
  • Redneck Deluxe 10ft Stand
  • Redneck Deluxe 15ft Stand

*Not available for the Redneck Trailer Blind Stand or Blind Sled.


  • Made from 3/16″ powder-coated bent steel to resist rusting
  • Additional Handrails around Platform Extension for safety
  • Platform Extension features non-slip punch plate design
  • 43″ x 24″ Porch Extension, when added to an existing platform, gives you a roomy 43″ x 48″ upper platform with rails to ensure safe entry & exit
  • All parts are drilled for a precise fit
  • One size nut and bolt for all fittings make for easy assembly
  • Black Zinc Hardware resists rusting
  • Weighs 110lbs


Porch Extension Kit Installation Manual